Pearl Tall H Faucets For Vanity Vessel Sinks Overview



When it comes to designing your bathrooms, the powder room vanity is where you get to have some of the most fun. A powder room isn’t just a private bathroom; typically, it’s also the one that guests will see, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get something flashy and fun!

However, a sink is nothing without a faucet to go with it, which is where your tall vessel faucets come in. The faucet is the backbone of the vanity, so it’s important to find one that matches the style of your bathroom. A sleek, modern bathroom with streamlined profiles should have something with a smooth profile, while a more traditional, classic design needs something a bit more ornate. If you have a fantastic sink that is the focal point of your vanity, you want something to support, but not over-power. In the video above you can see a few examples of vessel faucets that will work with different design profiles. 



That being said, it can also be fun to mix and match! A unique, elaborate faucet can make an amazing statement piece on a minimalistic, contemporary vanity, and a modern faucet can set the stage for a quirky vessel sink. When it comes down to it, the most important thing your faucet needs to match is your personal tastes; that’s how you make the space really yours!