The Q Kitchen Sink Collection takes Mabé Series’ timeless sink designs, and makes them using the same surgical grade stainless steel but in superior 16 gauge thickness. Its quality is simply beyond compare. The Q Collection is the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality. It feels at home in both contemporary and traditional kitchen settings. Its exceptional beauty and elegance are in the finest details, such as its mirror polished rim and includes matching custom grids.

4 found in Q Series 16 Gauge Kitchen Sinks


Q - CL - PEARL Canada
Q - CL
  • $518.00
  • $440.30
Q - EK - PEARL Canada
Q - EK
  • $518.00
Q - SL - PEARL Canada
Q - SL
  • $518.00
Q - KL - PEARL Canada
Q - KL
  • $618.00